Bold Text Generator for Copy & Paste Bold Text

Convert plain text to bold text with 8 different bold fonts for Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram

Bold Text Generator

Bold Text Generator

Bold text generator (also known as bold font generator) is an online app that generates bold text from the plain text that can be copied and pasted. Plain text is converted into bold using eight different copy and paste bold fonts. This bold text can be used in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or in messenger apps like Whatsapp, Instagram DM, Messenger, etc. to highlight the important parts of your post or message.

Bold Text

Bold letters are thick and have more weight than regular letters. The bold text has been in use even before computers were common. The most common place where everyone has seen boldface text is the dictionary to highlight keywords. 

The bold text that you see in computers and mobile devices is a set of Unicode Latin characters that looks similar to the text you typed in the text box. Each letter is stored differently on the computer and mobile phone. Let's say when you copy plain text or letter and equivalent bold text, or bold letter, the different character (it's binary code) is getting copied in the memory.
There are eight different copy and paste bold fonts used in this bold text generator, those are as follows:

  1. Bold Serif
  2. Bold Sans Serif
  3. Bold Italic Serif
  4. Bold Italic Sans Serif
  5. Fraktur
  6. Bold Fraktur
  7. Double Struck
  8. Bold Cursive/Handwriting/Calligraphy

Bold Letters

Each bold letter is a different Unicode character and has a different binary representation to help the computer understand that it is a different character. Below is the bold letter mapping table.